You can think of me as a designer, artist, creative, or a skillful communicator. I like to think of myself as a Gateway to The Storyteller.

Jonathan Hemingway Jr.

Hi, I’m Jonathan Hemingway Jr. Thank you for visiting my visual design/media archive. My passion for visual design stems from my passion for art and music and is influenced by my spirituality. Ever since I was a small child, I loved drawing my favorite anime and cartoon characters. I also have a culture of Hip-Hop ingrained in me. I love the craft of great lyricism as well as listening to the melodic, jazzy sounds of instrumentals. I currently attend Johnson & Wales University and hope to attain a Bachelors Degree in Science for Graphic Design & Digital Media. JWU, however, is only my first stop on my journey to a healthy and sustainable career.

Gateway To
The Storyteller.

I believe that every project has a unique story, which needs to be told in a very specific way. Because of my storytelling abilities, I have very strong compositional skills, especially when it comes to typography. I also love telling stories through photography and illustration. I find it fascinating how we can communicate multiple, and sometimes conflicting, messages through visual design. My creative instinct is always pushing me to learn more techniques and explore new ideas.

The Experience.

 I take my time to make sure that everything from the curve on a logo to the visual alignment (as well as the technical alignment) of typographic elements is organized well, balanced properly, and pleasing to look at. I always aim to streamline cohesiveness across a project, as well as make design decisions that are relevant to the audience. To do this best, I prefer to spend some time talking with my clients and getting to know who they are. Communicating with a client or partner helps me to visualize what kind of design elements that will best fit them and their needs. My promise is to strive to deliver quality work that you, the client, and they, the audience will love.

Have I Piqued Your Interest?

Want to work together? Take a look at my resume and be sure to take a dive into the Selected Works collection. It will definitely change the way you view each of my projects.